Remotely set DNS servers on Windows clients

One of the things that we do for our customers is to refresh their virtual environments with new servers (latest OS, etc). When we do this migration, we almost always replace the DNS servers. This can cause significant work to change existing (and new) servers to the new DNS IPs. Enter PowerShell!

s e t D N S . p s 1 

Purpose:		Change the DNS servers on remote computers bases on list in a text file.
Author:			Michael Kenning <>
Version: 		1.1 (16 NOV 2014)

Usage:			.\setDNS.ps1 [INPUT FILE]
Example: 		.\setDNS.ps1 .\file.txt

	1) PowerShell installed on executing machine
	2) Credentials: The executing user must have admin rights on the target machines


param (

$servers = Get-Content $path
$newDNS = "",""
foreach($server in $servers) {
	Write-Host "Connecting to $server..."
	$nics = Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -ComputerName $server -ErrorAction Inquire | Where{$_.IPEnabled -eq "TRUE"}
	foreach($nic in $nics) {
		Write-Host "`tExisting DNS Servers " $nic.DNSServerSearchOrder
		$x = $nic.SetDNSServerSearchOrder($newDNS)
		if($x.ReturnValue -eq 0) {
			Write-Host "`tSuccessfully Changed DNS Servers on " $server
		else {
			Write-Host "`tFailed to Change DNS Servers on " $server
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