Create AD groups from a list of users

While working with a customer, we needed to add several AD groups. Each group had many users that were identified by the customer. For each group, I created a txt file with the list of user names and then wrote a script to create the group and add the users.

For this organization, we had a single OU to place the groups. The $groupPath variable would need to be changed to reflect the LDAP path of that location.

Purpose: To create an AD group and add members.
Author: Michael Kenning (
Date: 28 OCT 2014
Version: 1.3

Usage: ./new-adgroup.ps1 LIST_OF_USERS.TXT "Group Name"

param (

# Change this variable to specify the location of the group in AD
$groupPath = "OU=Application Groups,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM"

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$groupMembers = get-content $path

# Check to see if the group exists and add the group if it does not.
$groupStatus = get-adgroup $groupName | Out-Null
if ($groupStatus -eq $null) {
	new-adgroup -Name $groupName -Path $groupPath -GroupScope Universal -GroupCategory Security

# Add users to the group
foreach ($member in $groupMembers) {
	Add-ADGroupMember $groupName $member
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